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Cecil M Xavier FISAT Engineering College
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

I sought Amaara as a break from my usual routine. Something different that I hadn’t tried – teaching! I had no clue of what to expect on my first day and I was really taken by surprise by what awaited me. The creativity and dedication of the volunteers both impressed and inspired me to get aboard for the journey ahead.

To pen down my experiences with Amaara is something that I cannot restrict to a page or two. I would just like to say that I had a wonderful time. It has helped me to improve my social skills and also to handle situations and take decisions in a more mature way. That’s what happens when you help others – you help yourself!

Thank you Amaara for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to the coming year.


Malavika Varma CA Student
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

When I heard about Amaara from a friend I was curious and at the same time inspired. Deciding to join the group of volunteers was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I didn’t know anything much about Amaara other than that they taught children and that was good enough for me.

When I started out, I was quite apprehensive. I didn’t know to what extent I could contribute. At first it was more about filling in my Saturdays, but once classes started I realized that there was much much more than that. Not only did I get to meet a lot of people but I also got introduced to a group of wonderful and aspiring kids. A class with them never failed to leave me happy and upbeat. I felt so good and in a brighter mood no matter what.

Thank you Amaara for giving me this opportunity.

Tanika St. Teresa's College
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

When I was sixteen I had the most wonderful experience of my life. I walked into Mar Athanasius School, watched a class being taken and was totally mesmerized. My mom had asked me to help her out with the Amaara classes and I’d laughed in her face with a sarcastic ‘Oh Yeah!’ . One day since she was short of volunteers she literally dragged me into the Amaara class. Hours passed and the class ended. I was disappointed since it had felt like a few seconds to me and I wanted to spend a lot more time there. Since then, I have been a regular volunteer at Amaara.

I was a brat from a comfortable upper middle class family. Amaara changed my thought process and also gave me an opportunity to practice and develop my social skills. I was regularly meeting a group of like-minded people with common interests. It provided a boost to my self-confidence and self-esteem and helped me find more satisfaction from life.

Service to your community builds Character and Compassion. These are two qualities our world is screaming out for. So why not consider digging deep this summer, even if it’s just for a day ? Come join us and spread smiles. This is definitely the right call for you. Grab the opportunity, delve into it and watch how your life unfolds.

Akshaya Asokan St. Teresa's College
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

As a young girl in school, I always wanted to give back to society but I thought that it would be possible only after completing my education and getting a job. With that vision in mind I entered college. I made a lot of new friends there, and one among them was a volunteer in Amaara who along with her mother were teaching the children of Mar Athanasius High School, Kakkanad. She invited me to join them and that one question ‘ Would you like to join us?’ changed my life altogether. I accepted unhesitatingly because I realized that it was a golden opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping the needy.

It has been one and a half years since I have been working with Amaara and so far this has been the most fruitful time of my life. This organization has carved a better person out of me and taught me to look at the world through new eyes. Constant interaction with our children and hearing their story keeps us grounded and makes us realize how fortunate we are. Just being in their company teaches us to appreciate even the smallest thing in our lives. For us volunteers, each Saturday is different from the previous one because we learn and experience new things along with our children. This can be possible only in Amaara.

So come and join us to spread the light of love and compassion. I just want to leave you with the words of the Father of our Nation – “Be the change you want to see in the world”

Krishna V.P St. Teresa's College
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

Spark Of Life!

In my first year in college during an NSS camp, I met a bunch of people who were committed to doing good things for society. Like most of the kids gathered there, I prepared myself for yet another ‘motivational’ lecture on why we should join their organization and thus give back to society. But I was surprised by how they managed to capture our attention in no time. They amazed me with their energy and enthusiasm. Smt. Rashmi Deepak, the founder of the organization, was nothing like I pictured a socially committed person to be. She was very lively and lighthearted and her words were straight from her heart. They touched a chord within me and kindled a fire in me to do good. The tag line on Amaraa’s badge totally captivated me – I aspire to inspire!

It’s now two years since I joined the Amaara team and I can proudly say that I spend my Saturdays educating and thereby empowering a child.

Alexander Raja
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

My Amaara family is beautiful and big. You can also join! I asked myself what I have learnt from Amaara and what the kids have taught me . The answer is that they have changed my life. I learned the true definition of beauty, innocence, tolerance, appreciation, affection, interest, loyalty and the power of women. I have seen and experienced the genuine depth of emotions with the children and with my fellow volunteers at Amaara.

Through my interaction with the children I learnt that my responsibility is not restricted to just that of a teacher. I have different roles to play, of a mentor, a friend, a favourite relative, a brother and at times even that of a parent. However, I don’t feel I’m doing anything extraordinary, because the children I teach are my children now. Their growth is my responsibility. The school I teach in is my home, and Amaara is my family. So come let us join together and feel the difference.

My heartfelt thanks to Amaara, Rashmi, Anaz, Nikhil, Deep and Santosh.Thanks also to Wiprocare.

Nijo Lawrence
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

Amaara is growing on me with each passing day. The time I have spent there has carved a deeper meaning than I could ever have anticipated. Love for the children and the difference I believe I am creating, are the main reasons for this.

I joined Amaara looking for more social engagement and a break from the mind-numbing Monday to Friday corporate schedule. But it has become much more than that for me now. I find myself looking forward to class, I find myself working to make this organization better. Why? Because the kids need us, they really need us there. I am sure that what we are today would be hugely due to the hard work we have put in at some point of life. However we can never ignore the importance of the people who have inspired us. We can never forget those who have pushed us forward, those who have helped us to take a step forward when we were in doubt, those who have instilled confidence in ourselves by being there for us. I now hope I can be one of those to the kids around me, to tell them it’s okay to be wrong, to tell them we might fall in the first few steps, to instill confidence in them to get out of the shells they have grown around themselves, to give them more exposure.(That’s one thing that’s always measured in our corporate culture right?). I would like to share one of my experiences at Amaara, which has had a deep impact on me.

There was this kid, Nikhil. The first time I met him I was quite unhappy, because he couldn’t even answer a simple question like what his name was. When asked other questions, he would hide under the bench. At other times if I was sitting next to him he would tell the answer only to me, but would never say it out aloud to the teacher in charge or to the class. I remember once asking him the meaning of “dark” and what he said was “chaya (tea)”. Nikhil incidentally is a student of Class 8. There were moments when I felt defeated, but I never gave up and gradually from the reports from his teachers and parents I started feeling positive. Things slowly started to change for the good. All this happened last year. Coming to this year, I saw Nikhil’s team winning the school quiz competition on Independence day. I saw Nikhil as an active volunteer for the school arts day. I saw Nikhil in class, week in week out answering questions without fearing he would be wrong. After winning the quiz he ran up to me and offered me a laddu with a big fat smile on his face. That was a moment of pure bliss for me. After this I got a sense of achievement and I felt that I was doing something worthwhile. I really felt I was giving something back to society. I was convinced that what we do at Amaara had a bigger and more meaningful purpose than most of the other things I do now.

I am really happy that I am a part of this organization. I shall put in my best effort and try to do things better and reach out to more kids, spreading smiles, spreading confidence and being loved by them.

Riya Joseph Royal Bank of Scotland , Chennai
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

The enthusiasm of the kids is the soul motivation force for me to come down here on every Saturday and be with the kids. I joined Amaara in Kerala and I am part of it for the past two years. For me Amaara is a close knit family filled with love and encouragement

Ashwin Sridhar Core Mentor - Chennai
Mentor at Amaara Foundation

I have been working with Amaara for the past five years. This is an organization where you just don’t teach kids but you learn and grow with them

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