The Amaara Journey
My Amaara

The Amaara Story

In 2009 a group of friends visited a school to teach moral science to the students. It was a rainy day. They saw that the roof was leaking and the floor was wet. The children were sitting on broken benches and studying.What touched their hearts was the fact that in spite of all the difficulties, the children were enthusiastic about studying.

It was a very small school and there weren’t even enough teachers to teach all the classes. Those children were a lot like me. Their parents were mostly uneducated and had to work very hard to earn a living. They could not give enough support or time to their children. So the children had lots of dreams but nobody to help them make it come true.

Those friends felt that the children of that school deserved better. The question that remained in their minds even after they reached home was, Don’t these kids deserve better? Are we doing enough for them? This thought lead to the formation of a small organization called ‘Amaara Foundation.’

Soon many like-minded people joined them to form a community who work towards helping children like me. They have made us believe that we too deserve a better life.

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