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Shramdaan /Internship

One day in class, our mentors were talking excitedly about Shramdaan for Amaara. Since we didn’t understand what they were saying, they explained to us that Shramdaan means contributing effort. They told us that there are many uncles and aunts who want to help us, but find it difficult to come and teach us on Saturdays. For all these wonderful people, Amaara has come up with the idea of Shramdaan. They can do any activity like washing cars, gardening or even cleaning houses for a day, thus spreading awareness about Amaara through helping others. Some people have already collected funds by collecting and selling old newspapers and making and selling knick-knacks.

Amaara Foundation gives something called an Internship Certificate to anyone who attends at least one class with us, along with working for 5 days. Isn't that wonderful? We'll get to meet so many of you!

Some of my friends thought that only people who worked in offices have a good job. They did not respect the fact that any kind of work has its own dignity. They were so surprised when they saw all these educated uncles and aunts doing gardening and housework, and not feeling bad about it at all. It was really a surprise for my friends, and I'm so happy that now my friends are willing to respect any kind of work.

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