Motivating and empowering children
What Amaara Does

Learning Inspired

Amaara Foundation has developed a program especially for us, which they call Project Learning Inspired. All their activities are based on this.

This is how our mentors explain it.


Life Skills
The World Health Organization has defined life skills as "abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of future".
Our children are taught Math, Science etc at school but to be successful in life they also need to know the following:
How to think positively
How be confident
How to take decisions
How to overcome obstacles
How to manage their time

Amaara teaches all of these. Our curriculum is activity based and through various activities like role-play, debates and skits, mentors enable the children to think and shed their inhibitions.

The beauty of the curriculum is that it is tailor-made for our children based on the problems that they face and what all they can do to develop into well-rounded individuals. It includes a lot of activities that are quite interesting and which the children are able to pick up quickly.  The mentors conduct debates, role-plays and various theatre based activities that enable the children to shed their inhibitions. Through these activities the children also learn to speak well in English, which will be extremely useful for their future.

Amaara Foundation understands that mentors are not trained teachers. In order to ensure that the children receive maximum benefit from their classes, training is provided to all mentors. Professionals who have a clear understanding about the needs of children conduct these trainings. They constantly improvise to find ways and means to make the learning experience more interesting and impactful.

Amaara provides many opportunities for mentors to grow into great role models not only for our children but also for the entire society.

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